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Requesting Your Support

Working together, we can make a lasting impact on the lives of South Carolinians battling cancer. No matter the size of your donation, it will help ease the suffering of your neighbors. We are grateful for your generous support. 

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Monetary Donation 

No amount is too small or large! Your donation provides vacation rentals, meals, gas and other items families need during their vacation.

$25 Pack the cooler for a day

$50 Gas to get to the beach

$150 Meal in a restaurant

$200 Covers their photo shoot

$400 Golf Cart Rental

$2,500 Condo in Winter

$4,500 House in Summer

Beach House or
In-kind Donation

We need beach houses for the families. We also need photographers to take family photos, gift cards to local coastal restaurants and grocery stores and also activities in the area (i.e. parks, shows, courses). Contact us today to see how we can partner together.

Volunteer Your Time

Volunteers are critical team members in any nonprofit effort.


***On-going need: Outreach to speak with and place brochures in oncology offices and treatment centers around the state.

We welcome many hands to lighten the workload and to spread the word about our mission. 

Does your company offer grants to local non profits?


Please contact us if you have a grant opportunity or would like to offer a corporate sponsorship.


CFVF is a 501c(3) and corporate donations are tax deductible.

Contact us today to learn how you can join us in bringing joy to our neighbors in need.

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